What is an electronic cigarette?

It is a battery operated device that lets out vaporized nicotine as well as non-nicotine alternatives such as marijuana. The deal was always to provide similar sensations to the inhaling of tobacco smoke, but without the smoke. The electronic cigarette is popularly abbreviated or phrased otherwise as e-cigarettes, the disposable e cig, an electronic nicotine delivery system, vaporizer cigarettes and vape pens.

Particularly in recent years, these electronic devices have been marketed as a great or effective way to either give up conventional tobacco smoking, or at least cut down substantially on the habit. The motivations for turning to e cigarette ‘smoking’ or vaping are always sound and well-intended in the interests of reversing poor health and promoting better health and wellness outcomes. For best results in this initiative, online readers do their health a turn of good by poring over some informative articles prepared by medical journalists and independent product reviewers.

The e cigarette craze originally took root amongst the Chinese over twenty years ago. Today, many millions more are practicing the new habit. Less than ten percent of the US population are now using the disposable e cig, but the numbers are growing. And over a period of no less than four years it was reported that e cigarette use increased by nearly one thousand percent among young adults. Statistically speaking, less than fifty percent of anyone between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four were already habitual smokers before turning to the e smoking habit for solace.

disposable e cigreplace his or her tobacco habit

Irrespective of age, most readers should know by now that a degree of maturity and responsibility is required in order to derive full benefit from any product or device which stimulates their interest and willfulness to purchase. In doing so, they will also be reminding themselves of the so-called cons. When they take up the habit of e-cigarette smoking or vaping, they will remain conscious of the fact that there could be health hazards.

One mature response could go like this. Instead of taking up vaping purely for the sake of it, the habitual smoker will be turning to the practice in order to replace his or her tobacco habit with something a lot less harmful. It becomes the lesser of two evils when dealing with the realization that it remains extremely difficult for a majority of smokers to quit the habit. Nevertheless, while many e-liquid solutions will continue to show mere residuals of nicotine, there are others that are entirely free of nicotine.

Even the purveyors of e-smoking appurtenances, as licensed traders, are coming to the party in terms of being responsible. Products approved for use will always carry the warning labels. And many retailers go out of their way to publish anecdotal information on the e smoking habit on their commercial websites purely for the benefit of readers and with no guarantee that they will be ordering any online products any time soon.

Finally, the practice and its product are in actual fact quite sustainable in comparison to conventional practices.